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A Choral Convocation: History In the Making

A Choral Convocation: History In the Making

The eyes of The Salvation Army world were on Toronto, Canada, when six staff songster brigades came together for A Choral Convocation.

A crowd gathered on Saturday 6 April as the songsters’ voices filled Yorkminster Park Baptist Church. The event was also enjoyed via livestream by dozens of countries around the world.

Special guests for the weekend were the International Staff Songsters, and supporting them were the host Canadian Staff Songsters, and the four staff songster brigades from across the United States—USA Western Territory Staff Songsters, USA Southern Staff Songsters, USA Central Territorial Staff Songsters, and USA Eastern Territory Staff Songsters.

Canadian Songster Leader Cathie Koehnen thanked each of the visiting groups for their support and participation: ‘We thank you for sharing this music and creating space for us to enter into worship with you’.

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