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Biography, drama | M (violence) | Directed by Alejandro Monteverde

After her dream of starting an orphanage in China is denied, Francesca Xavier Cabrini, a nun from Italy, is sent to Manhattan USA, to serve the dying Italian immigrant community. Plucky and unrelenting, Cabrini faces opposition and obstacles at every turn. In addition to being a woman operating within male-led power structures (both Church and state), Cabrini is also an immigrant, and following a childhood accident, is also considered ‘frail’. Her vision to ‘build an empire of hope’ across the globe, and her achievements across her lifetime are truly inspiring. You will leave the film feeling like you really could be doing a bit more to make the world a better place. I enjoyed the period architecture, sets and costumes which helped to pass the time in the slower, more repetitive parts. (Reviewed by Lauren Millington)

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