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Celebration and Enrolments in Samoa

Celebration and Enrolments in Samoa

On Sunday 26 November, five brand new soldiers and two adherents were enrolled at Apia Corps, Samoa Region.

‘Soldier and adherent enrolments speak to me of life and growth,’ says Captain Julie Turner, regional leader and corps officer. ‘People taking steps in their faith journeys as God leads them forward is always exciting to witness and participate in.’

Julie explains that the enrolment day was a ‘triple blessing’ because the service was led by young people, with Misipati Niusulu, corps sergeant major and youth leader, leading worship. ‘Our youth are developing their leadership skills, and it was wonderful to see their confidence build and their faith grow,’ says Julie.

As well as the enrolments, the celebrations also included the acknowledgement of Major Afolau Toluono’s 25 years of long service achievement. ‘It was a wonderful day of celebration and commitment,’ affirms Julie.

The new soldiers are Emmanuel Seumanutafa, Sooalo Niusaoatua Lui Apinerua, Mareta Purcell Apineru, Elepise Leota and Aimalala Leota (Tau), with Asega Liva and Fetalaiga Mika Netzler being enrolled as adherent members of The Salvation Army.

Julie reports that Emmanuel is the youngest of the soldiers enrolled, being 18 years of age, and that he has been attending The Salvation Army for about four years with his extended family. ‘Emmanuel is a faithful, servant-hearted man who loves to help others. He is a gifted speaker and confident worship music leader,’ says Julie.

Elepise and Tau came to The Salvation Army via Glenfield Corps in Auckland. Tau saw the Glenfield Salvation Army sign while on duty driving his Auckland City bus, and as the couple were looking for a place to worship and serve, they began attending. Tau and Elepise were enrolled as adherents of Glenfield Corps by Majors Bruce and Marilyn Tremain. After their move back to Samoa in 2023, they became fully involved in Apia Corps, and are now both soldiers. Julie reports that the couple have a beautiful vegetable garden and generously support others with their produce.

Mareta and Lui have been connected to Apia Corps for some years and were the first couple to be married in The Salvation Army Samoa back in 2020, by Lt-Colonels Rod and Jenny Carey. The couple testify that soldiership is the next step in their faith journey. They are involved in Bible study, prayer meetings and music, and support many other activities in the corps, reports Julie.

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