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Coffee Time Theology

Coffee Time Theology

Faith Reflection, Theology | Lieutenants Grace and Stu Duxfield | Available wherever you listen to podcasts

Far from sentry-type doctrinal gatekeeping, Coffee Time Theology offers an explorative and expansive approach to a variety of twenty-first century faith and practice topics. With provocative titles like ‘Tension: What if the neighbours suck?’ and ‘Sanctuary: Places and people (and birds)’, the content is simultaneously smart, funny, mature, informative, thought-provoking and reflective. With delightfully bite-sized 20 minute episodes, Coffee Time Theology is a fantastic introduction for those still cutting their teeth on theology, while also providing fresh enlightenment for those much longer in the theological tooth.

PS. Just like a Marvel film, make sure you listen right to the very end of the episode for the out-takes and, inevitably, Grace’s gorgeous giggle. (Reviewed by Jules Badger)

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