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Fiji Child Sponsorship Projects Update

Fiji Child Sponsorship Projects Update

Child sponsorship in Fiji reaches out to children and youth throughout the country with assistance in key areas including education, family care, development and evangelism.

‘Education is valued in Fiji and every child and youth has the right to an education,’ says CaptainBeth Campkin, who is the Child Sponsorship champion in the Fiji Division.

‘Through our Set For Schools project, our aim is to provide all children and youth with the opportunity to access formal schooling and education unhindered.’

In December 2022, the project distributed more than 2000 primary and high school stationery starter kits. The kits included pencil cases, assorted stationery and exercise books. In addition, 90 school bags were distributed specifically through our Family Care Centresto children in need.

A new part of this project started in January 2023, providing uniforms and sandals to more than 430 primary and high school students. The Salvation Army’s network of corps, outposts and Family Care Centres helped the Set For Schools projects to identify the most in-need children and youth in local communities.

Beth says the division’s three family care centres—which principally provide services to women—are working to extend their focus to vulnerable children who come through the centres with their mothers. Planned activities include child-centric support systems, play spaces with toys provided, and welcome packs including pens and pencils, colouring books, toys and toiletries.

The Kids That Can projects—which take place at corps, outposts and other community-level ministries—provide children and youth with the opportunity to learn through play and teamwork. The projects can be enacted through a range of activities, including sport, English lessons, art, drama, music and life-skills coaching.

Beth says the new Joy Hours projects are a good way for corps and outposts to reach out to their communities and HART Homes (social housing), with a focus on evangelism and fun. Activities include games and Bible teaching, along with the provision of food for children and youth. All materials, resources and food costs are covered, as well as half the cost of transport. Beth says the links many families are making through Joy Hours lead them to connect with their local corps and outposts.

‘Vinaka vakalevu (thank you very much) for your ongoing financial support and prayers!’ says Beth. ‘God is doing good work here in Fiji and we thank you for being part of it.’

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