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First Job Ever

First Job Ever

Craig Campbell has something to celebrate—his first job ever is at the Yarrow Street Invercargill Family Store! Craig originally began working as a volunteer in the foodbank at the Invercargill Salvation Army. When a paid position at the Family Store came up, he applied and was welcomed to the team. Craig’s responsibilities include customer service, work on the register and some merchandising.

When asked what his favourite part of his job is he quickly replied, ‘All of it!’ Craig particularly appreciates his colleagues and the opportunity to be a part of a positive and encouraging work environment. He also enjoys building relationships with lots of their regular customers. ‘Being an op-shopper myself, this job really is the perfect fit,’ he says.

Craig has developed his customer service skills on the job and has completed a Retail Savvy Award. He is about to begin another qualification, a National Certificate in Retail, that The Salvation Army offers as part of his employment.

Working at the Family Store has been hugely impactful for Craig. ‘Prior to working at the store, I had a lot of self-doubt and self-esteem issues. I didn’t even feel like I could be trusted to do this sort of work. My job at The Salvation Army anchors me. I feel valued and like I have something to offer. My work at the Family Store has really opened up my life,’ says Craig.

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