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Learning to be Mary

Learning to be Mary

words Captain Rachel Montgomery
ART Sam Coates

Based on Luke 10, it seems to me that the more we pack into our lives, the less we experience of life. I’ve considered for a while now that we’ve become like a modern-day Martha—busy, distracted, overwhelmed and empty. At least, I know I have. And it’s caused me to ask, how can I be more like her sister Mary—calm, focused and fulfilled?

I set out at the beginning of this year to purposefully make space in my life that would bring greater connection to God, my family, the people I love and the ministry I have. Here’s what I’ve been learning.

When I am attentive and listening, I hear God speak in the everyday moments of life.

When I stop to look and really see, I marvel at what God has made for us to enjoy in creation, even just in my backyard. I’ve taken to going outside in the morning with the sun coming up to praise God for the new day, and then in the evening giving thanks to God under a night sky full of stars.

I know time with my family brings great joy to my soul. Being present in each moment and not being caught up in my mind with tasks to be done later is something I’m continuing to work on. The people I treasure most dearly should have the best of me.

As I lean more into this Mary mindset, I am excited by the places where I get to journey alongside others, bringing hope and encouragement, seeing faith grow, and a love for God deepen.

It takes courage to try make a change when we notice something in life that doesn’t align with God’s purpose, but just as I’ve been encouraged to become more like Mary, we can know that slowing down and being more present to God and the world around us can only be a good thing.

I’m learning how to be a Mary in a Martha world.

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