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More enrolments at Palmy Army!

More enrolments at Palmy Army!

On Sunday 21 April, five new soldiers and two adherents were enrolled at Palmerston North Corps—many of whom were young people. Hot on the heels of seven enrolments back in November, something good is clearly going on in Palmy!

Captain Sammy Millar says, ‘Our young people are passionate about The Salvation Army and there is growing momentum to get involved and advance God’s kingdom. They want to grow as disciples of Jesus and soldiership is a significant part of that journey.’

Soldiers enrolled were Hana Baken, Sam Sijm, Maddie Fletcher, Olive Satherley and Grace Satherley, with Helen Keenan, Chrystal Noviskey all enrolled as adherents.

‘It was wonderful to enrol these new soldiers and adherents—people who have publicly declared their faith in Jesus and who are choosing to serve him in this part of the Body of Christ,’ says Sammy.

Back row: Major Brenton, Samuel Sijm (soldier), Olivia Satherley (soldier), Grace Satherley (soldier), Captain Sammy

Front row: Maddie Fletcher (soldier), Helen Keenan (adherent), Hana Baken (soldier), Chrystal Noviskey (adherent)

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