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Mothers Knitting Us Together

Mothers Knitting Us Together

A few years ago I decided to take up knitting. I had a vague memory of learning the knit stitch but had no clue where I had learnt this and I didn’t remember how to do it. But I did my research, bought the supplies, picked up my yarn and knitting needles and started to teach myself through YouTube videos. I thought it would take a while to get the hang of it, but I picked it up quickly. In only a few short weeks, I had completed my first-ever scarf.

I talked to my knitting friend about my new endeavour, and she was surprised how quickly I had learned. I then spoke to my nana, who recalled me knitting at a young age. My own mum was a knitter who had learnt from her mother. I asked Mum, and she confirmed she had taught me to knit when I was younger. It turned out I was using a subconscious skill my mum had already taught me, but I had no memory of it.

There is much our mums have taught us that we don’t remember when we get older. They have taught us basic life skills like talking and walking, but also keeping ourselves safe, such as not running across the road when a car is coming, or not walking home alone at night.

Mothers can also teach us about faith as we grow. My mum has always believed in God and has an unwavering dedication to him despite hardships. I see this reflected in my own relationship with God, in that despite difficult times in life I instinctively turn to God. I thank my own mother and all mothers out there who have taught their children diligently, and who never stop that full-time teaching role of being a mother!

Words: Hope Burmeister | Artwork: Nicole Gesmundo

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