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Prayers for the people of Turkey and Syria

Prayers for the people of Turkey and Syria

On 6 February a devastating earthquake struck southern Turkey followed by a second major earthquake and by several destructive aftershocks. The areas affected include southern Turkey and north-western Syria.

Figures suggest a current death toll of in excess of 21,000 people with many thousands more injured and homeless in terrible conditions. These numbers are expected to continue to rise as rescue attempts continue. According to Turkish authorities approximately 13.5 million people have been affected, with many of them left homeless in the appalling winter weather.

The destruction is massive and The Salvation Army International Headquarters asks all of you to keep the many people affected – as well as all first responders – in your thoughts and prayers. We stand in solidarity with the people in Turkey and Syria in these tragic circumstances.

With no Salvation Army officers on the ground in either country, The Salvation Army is committed to exploring the best ways for any financial support to be directed through our existing, trusted humanitarian partners and networks.

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Image: Sergeant Daniel Degenhart holds the girl in his arms who was rescued by AFDRU soldiers on Friday night.
Image courtesy of Austrian Forces Disaster Relief Unit – AFDRU on Flickr.

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