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Spring Sensation

Spring Sensation

Sunlight stalks the shadow self of summer
Light and life and mystery and change
converge in the dark
She is waiting, creating, anticipating…
She’s in bloom even when she’s laid bare
Just a drab grey branch naked
with winter woes
And nothing more than the memory
of blossoms and buds
And yet a promise is kept
Green emerges like silent footsteps in the night
Making soundless progress
No fuss or fanfare
No one is notified before the event
or sent an invitation
NOW she arrives
Every head turns and every mouth smiles
She is an experience, a renewed sensation
She is liquid warmth on sun-starved flesh
She is winter’s long anticipated death

She is spring
And she is sprung
Once again,
Faithfully she has come.

WORDS Jules Badger | ART Lauren Millington

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