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Take a breath

Take a breath

Have you become a bit stuck in your prayer life? That’s okay. And it’s certainly not unusual. Maybe God is inviting you to try something new. Experimenting with different forms of prayer can enrich your relationship with God—which is the first and main purpose of prayer. As Salvationists we love to roll up our sleeves and serve, so breath prayers, an ancient form of prayer, are a beautiful gift to activists. 

Many readers will be familiar with The Jesus Prayer—the most common breath prayer in Christian tradition—but you can write your own or use a psalm or the words of a song or poem. There’s no special ritual or method, just the rhythm of your breath as you inhale and exhale. You can pray a breath prayer in the car, on a long walk, in your prayer chair, or even in bed. You just need a quiet moment and some intentionality.

Using The Jesus Prayer as an example, simply inhale—feel your chest expand as your lungs fill with air—pray: ‘Lord Jesus Christ, son of God’. Exhale slowly and fully, pray: ‘have mercy on me, a sinner’. Repeat this practice for at least ten breaths. 

Christian blogger and author Sarah Bessey offers some alternative, original breath prayers (view) that may be useful or inspirational for writing your own. 

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