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The Gift of Housing

The Gift of Housing

A new Salvation Army housing development in Kirikiriroa Hamilton does more than provide families with housing. It also speaks to the difference donations can make in the lives of others. Stable housing is one of the most important things for wellbeing and success—yet it’s something many Kiwis lack.

A new Salvation Army development is helping provide Kiwis and their families with a warm, dry and safe place to live. The development, in the Nawton area of Kirikiriroa Hamilton, encompasses 31 units. The first 10 units have been completed, with tenants moving in before Christmas last year. The other 21 units are expected to be completed and ready for tenants by April 2024.

Director of Social Housing and Property Greg Foster says the units are made with structured integrated panels (SIP), which have particularly good insulation. This means the units—which also have heat pumps and double glazing—are warm and dry.

‘This offers people a home,’ Greg explains. ‘All people on the housing waiting list have an acute need for accommodation.’ He adds that there are hundreds of people on the housing waiting list in Hamilton alone. The new units are the second Salvation Army housing project in Hamilton, bringing the number of units to 71 in total.

Built at a cost of about $20 million, a large part of the funding for the new units comes from a legacy left in a will. Charles Hoy was a local farmer, and, in his will, he left behind money for The Salvation Army to use to help people.

A community hall being built as part of the development will be named after Charles Hoy. Greg says the gift from his will speaks to the difference people can make in the lives of others. ‘His legacy will live on for many years to come—he will make a big difference in hundreds of people’s lives over the next few years!’

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