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What if Jesus was Serious?

What if Jesus was Serious?

Christian Living, Devotional | Skye Jethani | Moody Publishers

This devotional book takes the reader through the Sermon on the Mount in great detail. Skye isn’t afraid to talk about the things that Christians may choose to ignore or look past. Each short devotion is accompanied by an illustration (my favourite being the three blind righteous mice!). Although Skye addresses serious topics such as self-righteousness and loving those who harm us, it is easily digestible and the illustrations are humorous and lighthearted. I enjoyed the unique aspects of the teachings, particularly things I hadn’t heard before. He also goes into detail about the context and meaning of words from the original Greek which was insightful and helpful. I’d recommend this book to anyone who is a visual learner and wants fresh insight into Jesus’ famous sermon.

Reviewed by Hope Burmeister

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