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Indonesia Salvation Army Project

Indonesia Salvation Army Project

A Salvation Army international development project is providing key nutrition, health and literacy support to 75 children in four remote Indonesian communities.  

The project is taking place on Buru Island in eastern Indonesia, about 2200 km east of Jakarta and a little over 1000 km north-west of Darwin.

In general, the island has significant social issues and infrastructure needs. This includes a lack of school access in the project areas, with most of the children there being unable to read or write.

An $8000 grant from The Salvation Army in New Zealand means that the local Buru Island Corps (church) has been enabled to launch the project with positive interventions for children initially funded for a year.

The weekly nutritional support involves the distribution of wholesome foods such as milk, oatmeal crackers, bread, green beans, eggs and rice.

A basic literacy programme provides children with weekly interactive learning activities.

Meanwhile, water, sanitation and hygiene education—which is run in monthly sessions with a local healthcare centre—focuses on the importance of clean drinking water and hand washing for health.

Territorial International Development Officer and Support Secretary Lt-Colonel Milton Collins says that the children involved in the project live in villages between 1.5 and 2 hours away from Buru Island Corps.

‘The corps officer travels to the communities each week. Given the distances involved, our support also covers the cost of fuel for a motorcycle,’ says Milton.

‘There is strong community interest and support in the project, which is a stepping stone to widen corps involvement and build relationships in the wider area.’

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