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Million Meals Milestone

Million Meals Milestone

Charitable organisation Meat The Need has provided one million mince meals to foodbanks across Aotearoa New Zealand, including those run by The Salvation Army.

Meat The Need’s partnership with Silver Fern Farms has enabled farmers across the country to donate some of what they produce, when they can, to families in need.

Farmers can donate livestock which is turned into mincemeat and distributed out to foodbanks and community organisations nationwide.

Apart from mince packs, Meat The Need also provides meat and milk to Salvation Army foodbanks.

‘All of this has been possible due to the support of farmers and our founding partner Silver Fern Farms,’ says co-founder Wayne Langford. ‘The support has been incredible and is making such a difference to the lives of New Zealanders,’ says Wayne.

Meat The Need Operations Manager Sarah Gagliardi says food insecurity is a very real issue for many people. 

‘Meat The Need provides a platform for farmers to donate some of what they produce, when they can, which is then put into the hands of those who need it most,’ says Sarah. ‘It means farmers across the nation are playing an important role in helping our communities struggling from food insecurity. Ultimately, we believe no one in New Zealand should go hungry.’ Meat The Need began in early 2020.

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