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Junior soldier rally in Nuku’alofa

Junior soldier rally in Nuku’alofa

A junior soldier rally took place in Tonga on Friday 26 to Saturday 27 April, held at Nuku’alofa Corps (church) and led by Regional Children’s Worker Sesilina Palu and her team.

There was not a lot of sleep had, with 40 children and seven leaders in attendance, and there may have even been some moonlight soccer! But Sesilina reports that the Friday evening fellowship time was a big hit, with some children playing board games with friends, others getting into the Sally Telly activity book, while 18 participated in an art and paint competition based on the theme of ‘grow.’ Winners were selected from Fua’amotu, Talasiu and Vaini Corps, and the children received their prizes on the first Sunday of May, which is Children’s Sunday in Tonga.

On Saturday morning, junior soldier helper, 14-year-old Asinate Pasi, shared a powerful testimony with the children. Later there was a field trip to a tree nursery—an entirely new experience for some children. The junior soldiers then participated in a tree planting project on the corps grounds, before heading home.

‘Some of the children came to me during the rally and wanted to know more about Jesus,’ explains Sesilina. ‘I personally felt the presence of the Holy Spirit moving amongst the junior soldiers during the rally and I thank everyone who prayed for us.’

Some of the children shared their testimonies at church the day after the rally, with Regional Headquarters officers and staff reporting how powerful and confident the children were when they shared what they had learnt and taken part in.

‘One of the parents sent me a text message on Sunday evening sharing how surprised and moved she had been to hear her daughter share her testimony during church,’ reports Sesilina. ‘In fact, this girl had won first place in the art and paint competition.’

Sesilina says that the rally was a blessing not just for the children, but also for the leaders who were able to have some fellowship and pray for each other.

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