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March 2024

Official Engagements

Commissioners Mark (Territorial Commander) and Julie Campbell (Territorial President of Women’s Ministries)

29 Feb – 11 March: Tonga visit

12 March: Auckland Area Officer’s Leader’s Day

18-22 March: General’s Consultative Council #57, Sunbury Court (Mark only)

28- 31 March: Easter at Waihi Corps

Colonel Gerry Walker (Chief Secretary)

16-17 March: Visit Napier Corps

Lt-Colonel Liz Gainsford (Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development)

28 March – 2 April: Samoa Visit (Easter)



Frances (Fran) Profner, the sister of Major Shirley Kilgour was promoted to Glory in Auckland on 16 January 2024, aged 77 years. We ask you to uphold Majors Shirley and Ian Kilgour and extended family members in your prayers in this time of grief and loss.

John Wordsworth passed away on 7 February 2024, aged 69 years. John and his wife Linda were officers of The Salvation Army from 1991 through 2005. Please uphold Linda and family in prayer at this time of grief and loss.

Marion Willis, the grandmother of Lieutenant Ben Willis, passed away on 9 February 2024, from Australia. We ask you to uphold Lieutenants Ben and Jesse Willis, along with other family members in your prayers during this time of grief and loss.

International Appointments: Effective 01 April 2024, Commissioners Robert and Janine Donaldson are appointed pro tem as territorial leaders of the Zimbabwe and Botswana Territory until 31 May 2024.

Promotion:  Effective 25 January 2024: Major Ian Gainsford has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

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