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February 2024

Official Engagements

Commissioners Mark (Territorial Commander) and Julie Campbell (Territorial President of Women’s Ministries)

3-6 February: Waitangi Celebrations

15 February: State of the Nation Report Launch

28 February: Booth College of Mission Spiritual Day

29 February-8 March: Visit to Tonga visit

Colonel Gerry Walker (Chief Secretary)

3-6 February: Waitangi Celebrations

15 February: State of the Nation Report Launch

Lt-Colonel Liz Gainsford (Territorial Secretary for Spiritual Life Development)

3-6 February: Waitangi Celebrations

15 February: State of the Nation Report Launch


Promotion to Glory: Lt-Colonel Wesley (Wes) Rabbitts was promoted to Glory on Friday 22 December 2023 from Hobsonville, aged 89 years. Wesley and his wife Lt-Colonel Daphne Rabbitts entered The Salvation Army Training College, from Christchurch City Corps on 11 April 1959 as Cadets in the ‘Pioneers’ session. Please remember Daphne, their daughters and sons-in-law, Kathleen and Ken, Bronwyn and Tony, and Lynley and Rodney, along with their children and great grandchildren in your prayers at this time of grief and loss.

Bereavement: Robert (Bob) Best, younger brother of Major Marjorie Stark was promoted to glory from Christchurch following an accident on 17 December 2023. We ask you to uphold Major Marjorie Stark and extended family members in your prayers in this time of grief and loss.

Myung-Jah Kim, the grandmother of Captain Aram Kwon, passed away from hospital in Daegu, South Korea, on Sunday 24 December 2023, aged 91. We ask you to uphold in prayer Captains AramKwon and Ted Kim and other family members in this time of grief and loss.

Admission to the Long Service Order: We congratulate the following officers on attaining their Long Service Awards.

25 years’ service: Effective 12 December 2023: Major Arone Cheer, Major Afolau Toluono, Major Janette Waugh.

30 years’ service: Effective 11 December 2023: Lt Colonel Michelle Collins, Lt Colonel Milton Collins, Lt Colonel Sheryl Jarvis, Lt Colonel Stephen Jarvis, Major Graham Medland, Major Lynne Medland, Major David Moody.

35 years’ service: Effective 19 January 2024: Major Gillian Waugh.

40 years’ service: Effective 21 January 2024: Lt-Colonel Jennifer Carey, Lt-Colonel Roderick Carey.

Appointments: Effective 11 January 2024: Captain Janet Green has been appointed as Personnel Officer Support (additional appointment).

Effective 25 March 2024: Lt-Colonel Jennifer Groves has been appointed as Divisional Secretary for Mission, Central Division.

Appointment in Retirement: Effective 1 February 2024: Major Margaret Ousey has been appointed as Pastoral Support, Wairarapa Region.

Appointment to South Pacific East Asia College for Officers: Effective from 16 June to 6 July 2024: the Zonal Leaders for South Pacific East Asia have approved the appointment of the following officers from New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory: Captain Nicola Dutton, Captain Mere Gataurua, Major Lasarusa Turaga, Captain Kenneth Walker.

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