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No Song Unsung

No Song Unsung

words Kelly Cooper  |  art Sam Coates

Dear one,

As you prepare to take your first steps on your next adventure, I pray that you would live it fully, openly and wholeheartedly. That you would embrace change, opportunity and challenge. That you would continue to grow and to be formed. That you would cherish your childhood as you move into your future.

Leave no gift unopened

No dream not chased

No hope not realised

No milestone not celebrated

No question not explored

No surprise not received

No passion not pursued

No mistake not forgiven

No friendship not treasured

No grace not accepted

No wisdom not gained

No spark not ignited

No wings not unfurled

No stories not written

Leave no song unsung

This poem encapsulates all my hopes and prayers for my eldest child as she prepares to leave our home and pursue tertiary study in another city.

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