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The Crown Season Six

The Crown Season Six

R16 | Drama | Created by Peter Morgan | Watch on Netflix

The last season of The Crown tackles not only the relationships between the members of the royal family but also their relationship with the press and the general public. Part one focuses on the last eight weeks of Diana’s life, and her relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed and her children. Part two examines the role Prince William plays as an emerging king and his budding romance with Kate Middleton, King Charles and Camilla’s wedding and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. If you enjoyed a more factual account of historic events in earlier seasons, it is true that this season feels a little different. This may be in part because the events of season six are still vivid memories for many of us. If you are undecided about whether to watch this last season, it is worth your viewing time. (Reviewed by Kelly Cooper)

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