Youth Brass Band Camp 2023

Youth Brass Band Camp 2023

Silverstream Retreat Centre, in Lower Hutt, echoed with the sound of brass over Waitangi Weekend with the gathering of The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Youth Band along with the Academy Band. This event attracts brass musicians from Salvation Army faith expressions and Just Brass programmes across New Zealand. It is targeted to people aged between 14 and 26 years who wish to audition for the Youth Band, grow and develop their skill, or gain experience playing and performing in a bigger group. The weekend was full of rehearsals, auditions, Mr Whippy, a quiz night, café times, more rehearsals, laser tag/bowling afternoon, late night card games, more rehearsals, McDonald’s trips and more rehearsing.

On Sunday morning, they joined with Cuba Street Salvation Army for church together and celebrated with a public concert on Monday afternoon. Congratulations were awarded to Oliver Horton and Stasson Collings who auditioned and received the first-ever scholarships to the American Salvation Army Band Camp to be held later this year.

The Academy Band, led by Martin Robertson, is full of eager kids, many of whom have only started playing in the past 12 months through the Just Brass programmes at Palmerston North Corps and Christchurch City Corps.

The New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Youth Band, led by Duncan Horton, are a passionate group of young adults who travel and perform across New Zealand. Each member earns their spot through practise and auditioning and must remain engaged with their local Salvation Army expression.

The new executive officers, Captains Sarah and Shane Healey, got a chance over the weekend to interview each of them and were impressed by their passion for this group and its mission. This year the band are visiting corps in Palmerston North, Taupo, Tauranga, Auckland City and Ashburton.

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