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Delve 2023: What’s Your Next Yes?  

Delve 2023: What’s Your Next Yes?  

Every big decision we make starts with a single step—a single intentional yes that lights up a path towards something potentially amazing. For many at Delve this year, this first step was taking up the invite for a weekend away to intentionally explore what God could be calling them to. Led by the Territorial and Divisional Candidates’ teams, 33 explorers from across New Zealand gathered at the Silverstream Retreat over the weekend of 11–13 of August. Officers—experienced, new, training and retired—from across different ministry expressions and areas of serving in New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa shared testimonies and stories of their journeys of saying yes and continuing to say yes to God’s call on their lives.  

There were many highlights from the weekend, including giving the territorial senior leadership team their own soap box; Lieutenant Aimee Noakes and Major Phillippa Serevi speaking on Saturday and Sunday, respectively; or the way in which the delegates embraced the weekend, with one delegate saying at the end of the weekend that ‘they came with no real expectations and have come away with a real sense of what God wants’. For the Candidates team, this summed up what Delve is all about: creating space for people to take some time away to explore God’s call on their lives.  

If you are wondering what your next yes might be for God, why don’t you speak with your corps officer or give your local Candidates secretary a call. I know they would be happy to chat with you. If you want to know more about developing your leadership opportunities or exploring being a Salvation Army officer, then feel free to email the Territorial Candidates team at [email protected].  

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