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Come Up Higher

Come Up Higher

It is all too easy to get caught up in the drama and tragedy that is unfolding around the world, be it the Middle East conflict or the violence towards Christians in Manipur. Bad news and impending disasters are now our daily bread on social media and through various news cycles. Opinions are vehemently shared, and pariahs are made of those who disagree with a political view or a justice stance.

Jesus knew all about political conflicts, occupation forces, impending wars, persecution—actually most everything we are living through today. He had a lot to say about our day and age and he was the best example of how we are to live our lives amid this chaos, so it’s to our advantage to take notice of what he said and how he lived.

First and foremost, Jesus lived above the intrigues of his day. Some of his disciples tried to engage him in what they saw as priorities, but Jesus was having none of it, he was far more interested in the individual and bringing the kingdom of God to earth. His priority was doing the Father’s will. His mission was the redemption of humankind. His passion was for the broken and the lost. His fiercest rebukes were for a religious establishment that held people in bondage to a maze of laws they themselves were unwilling to observe, and his eyes were firmly fixed on the endgame.

Jesus is calling his people to come up higher with him; not to look down on anyone but to live in deep communion with the Father. It is only from the standpoint of heaven that we can truly understand what is happening on the earth. The way we are to live today is not as it was yesterday. We are to wake up, see where we are on God’s timescale and adjust our priorities to the salvation of humankind.

In this edition of SALT, you will read about a priority for Kāpiti Corps called Messy Church (page 20); I love that name because it denotes a flexibility and departure from formality. This makes some people nervous, but the congregation has embraced this venture and the results speak for themselves. Also check out our Testify on page 18, which is a wonderful testimony of coming to Christ and then turning around and leading others to find their way to him and ultimately to their purpose.

Vivienne Hill, Editor

The magazine can be viewed either as an online magazine on Issuu, or the bulk of the articles, leadership links, news, and shorter reflections (Grace Notes) have been added into their various sections.

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Magazine Contents


Justice, Mercy and Hope: The Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court—Te Whare Whakapiki Wairua—is successfully interrupting the cycle of repeat offending through its intensive rehabilitation programme.

Bible-bots: Friend or Foe?: In the second instalment of a three-part series, Jules Badger explores the potential impact of AI on our personal engagement with the Bible.

Does Thought Really Matter?: Eighty delegates from both the Australia and New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territories gathered for the Thought Matters conference where they explored the theme ‘Kotahitanga: Unity in a Time of Division’.

Making a Mess on Purpose in Kāpiti: Kāpiti Corps leaders Lt-Colonels Sheryl and Stephen Jarvis share how the creative ministry of Messy Church has positively impacted their community.

Leadership Links

Joy on the Journey

Faith Story

From Fear to Fearless: Denise Gray shares her journey of finding God, and the work she does as team leader at Kāpiti Corps Messy Church.

Grace Notes

The Days of Elijah: In part two of a three-part series Colleen Marshall examines how the issues facing the prophet Elijah in his day are similar to the challenges facing Christians today. She asks: What is God calling his people to do?


Salvation Army Tea Merchants: Hamodava tea, coffee and cocoa products are available for Christmas gifting. In acknowledgement of this, Kelly Cooper serves up the history of the Hamodava brand and its association with The Salvation Army.


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