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Safe Places from the Storm

Safe Places from the Storm

There is no doubt that chaos and decay tend to be the natural or default state if things are left to themselves. Just stop doing the housework for a month and see what happens, or leave a two-year-old without parental intervention. Order needs to be worked at, whereas chaos continues to do its relentless work when left unchecked. 

The process of bringing order was the first job given to humankind at our creation. ‘God took the Man and set him down in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it in order’ (Genesis 2:15, MSG). God planted a garden, he created three rivers, he formed trees and shrubs, animals and mammals and silver and gold—all found in the garden. God didn’t plant a neatly trimmed box hedge. No, God’s order was much more organic. He created meandering rivers with inlets and eddies and lush vegetation ready for both animals and humankind to enjoy and consume. But maintaining that order was given to humans, who were told to subdue the earth. 

The Church is also tasked with saving people from chaos, and to do this we need to ensure we have the welcome mat out and the light on in the window. On page 8 in this edition, you can read about the Rolleston Corps Plant who have created a place of acceptance for anyone who may come to them to shelter from the storms of life. Captain Stu Duxfield says of the Church at large: ‘Sometimes we try to do the work of restoration without establishing this safe place’. 

Rolleston Corps Plant has created a safe place so that the Holy Spirit can work on healing and transformation in people’s lives. But for this to happen regularly, we need to be intentional in ensuring sanctuary for those who have suffered: to allow them to come as they are; to allow them to stop and start and stop and start again; to commit to walking beside them and lovingly and tenderly helping them to create order out of the chaos, not like the box hedge-type of order but the organic spontaneous growth of a garden, just like Eden.

Vivienne Hill, Editor

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Magazine Contents


Refuge in Rolleston: The Rolleston Corps Plant leaders share their passion for creating a safe harbour for those battling the storms of life.

Turn Down the Noise!: MORE Conference was attended by 120 children and youth leaders from across the territory, who celebrated meeting in person for the first time since the pandemic.

Te Kai Mākona Takes Off: The Army’s new food security framework is taking off around the country

Order of Service: In a world where the demands on our time and energy are at an all-time high, it benefits us to ensure we have our priorities in order.

A Look Inside the High Council: At the end of May, Salvation Army leaders from across the globe were summoned to Sunbury Court in London, to begin the serious task of electing the new general to lead the international Salvation Army.

Leadership Links

Enduring Joy

Faith Story

Addicted to Jesus: Amelia Eagle from Levin Corps describes her journey from drug addiction to a new life of hope and faith in Jesus

Grace Notes

The Court of New Beginnings—Te Kōti o Timatanga Hou

A Shoe That Fits

Salvationists in History

Gisborne Floods: 1948. Looking back at a previous flood in Gisborne in 1948 and the heroic efforts of Gisborne Corps as they rallied to support their community in crisis.


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