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Stepping into the Future

Stepping into the Future

Welcome to the renamed territorial magazine SALT, formerly titled War Cry. The name SALT is an acronym for Salvation Army Life and Times. The name also reflects the biblical metaphor of salt as preserving, seasoning and adding flavour. Salvationists are also commonly known as ‘salt of the earth-type people’.

We are not the first territory in The Salvation Army world to change the name of our magazine; for example, our near neighbours Australia changed their name a few years ago from War Cry to Salvos. Our focus is still to inform our internal readers of events and happenings within the Army world, we have just broadened it to attract a readership not yet part of the Army.

Our decisions for changing are many and varied, but ultimately it is a shift in direction for the magazine: we are aiming to place SALT in every Family Store in New Zealand to be made available to the public. Our hope is that the stories, testimonies, biblical reflections and life of The Salvation Army will be a window into the wonderful work taking place in this movement, but also a witness to the life-changing power of the gospel.

The world is in a season of great change and that can be disorienting, but it can also be a time of opportunity. In our feature on page 20, ‘A Door Wide Open to the Future’, Captain Daniel Buckingham talks of the discomfort of change, but not making this a reason not to change. He acknowledges the discomfort but encourages us to courageously step into that discomfort, trusting God to guide and direct us into what comes next.

Our cover image of a worn shoe paired with a new shoe speaks to the intent of the magazine as not replacing anything, but a continuation of our call to preach the gospel of peace on every occasion. Please walk with me as we step into the future and navigate by the leading of the Holy Spirit to those who need the good news.

Vivienne Hill, Editor

The magazine can be viewed either as an online magazine on Issuu, or the bulk of the articles, news, and shorter reflections (Grace Notes) have been added into their various sections.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions, and also your photos, letters, crafts and stories. Please email: [email protected]

>> BONUS! Our SALT editor was interviewed by the podcast team. For more insight on the journey of the magazine and its primary influencer listen below:

Magazine Contents


A Risky Faith: Captains Doug and Janet Newman share the challenges and opportunities of ministering in the Middle East.

Insight from Easter Camp Leaders

Morals from My Moa (Chicken): How raising chickens led to a deeper understanding of God’s love and concern for us.

A Door Wide Open to the Future: Replanting Wellington City Corps to become The Salvation Army Cuba Street was a journey of discomfort, resulting in hope and revitalisation.

Harvesting Crops and Soil Science

Easter Camp: Early Mornings and Easter Rex

Leadership Links

Steps of Courage: The legacy of courage and faith forged at the commencement of The Salvation Army in New Zealand is alive and active today.

Faith Story

Fully Content in God: Mike Dear attends Recovery Church in Thames and shares his journey out of addiction to faith in Christ.

Grace Notes

Mothers Knitting Us Together

Salvationists in History

Jailed for Jesus: Captain Ellen Gibson faces opposition and challenge in her mission to establish the work of The Salvation Army.


Movie: Living

Music: Alabaster Co. Music

Book: Stepping into Life: Twelve-Step Meditations for Aotearoa

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