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Supporting Hearts and Minds

Supporting Hearts and Minds

In offices, workplaces and families across our territory, people are having conversations about mental health. This is a positive change in our society, as years ago, when suicide statistics were on the increase in New Zealand, the thinking was that the less said the better. This has since been found to be ineffective, and support systems and conversations are now necessary in the fight against our disturbing suicide rates.

In this edition of SALT, our two feature articles speak directly to the impacts of stress, pressure and addictions on mental health.

On page 8, Ian Foster, the coach of New Zealand’s national rugby side the All Blacks, shares with us the strategies he uses to counter the pressures and demands of high-performance competition on the young men he coaches. He also gives insight into his personal support systems of family and faith, and the vital role these play in managing the outcomes of his high-profile role.

In our second feature, on page 20, Jules Badger interviews Nat and Tino Senio about the work they are establishing in Samoa to tackle the rise of addictions in Samoan society. Their passion and years of experience are proving to be effective in addressing addiction impacts. They also willingly tackle the negative aspects of tradition, but weave in the strengths of Samoan culture to treatment which is proving to be a successful formula in the health and wellbeing outcomes of those who seek their help.

Young people are particularly vulnerable in the current climate of change and instability. A programme offered by the New Zealand Defence Force and the Ministry of Social Development, Limited Service Volunteers, is upskilling and building resilience. On page 12, we speak to Major Nigel Luscombe and Greg Hutson about their involvement in these six-week programmes that prepare young people for the future.

Also in this edition, on page 26, Captain Rachel Montgomery dives into the topic of disorientation. She takes us down the path of being lost, then found and the places in between. She reorients us to Christ and reassures us that no matter what we are experiencing, we can trust Jesus to journey with us in seasons of disorientation.

Finally, please check out the testimony of Aaron Ratima on page 18, as he shares his struggles across decades of trauma and coming to a place of salvation and freedom.

Vivienne Hill, Editor

The magazine can be viewed either as an online magazine on Issuu, or the bulk of the articles, news, and shorter reflections (Grace Notes) have been added into their various sections.

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Magazine Contents


Keeping Your Head in the Game: Ian Foster, the New Zealand All Blacks coach, shares on the importance of developing mental skills to cope with pressure.

Youth Transformation in Trentham: Limited Service Volunteers (LSV) is a six-week course for young job seekers that prepares them for employment, and builds resilience and discipline in the attendees.

Culture is Clinical: Addiction Services in Samoa. Tino and Nat Senio are the leaders of The Salvation Army’s Addiction Services in the Samoa Region, who share with SALT about their own journey and the transformative work they are part of in Samoa.

Defining Moment for Māori Ministry

Leadership Links

God in the Past, Present and Future: Chief Secretary Colonel Gerry Walker looks at The Salvation Army’s past in our territory, while also looking to the future as we thank, trust, serve and invite God into our plans.

Faith Story

Choose Who You Will Serve: Aaron Ratima volunteers at the Newtown Centre and attends Wellington South Corps. He shares how he turned away from violence and gangs to seek Jesus.

Grace Notes

Lost, Found and the Spaces Between: Captain Rachel Montgomery reflects on the imagery of roads and pathways in the Bible, and considers how Jesus can encourage and comfort us in times of disorientation along the road.

Salvationists in History

140 Years of Salvation Army Publication: With the arrival of The Salvation Army in New Zealand, the publishing of the War Cry was an important way to spread the good news of Christ to more people.


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